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The Tennessean on Why Millennials Should Buy, Not Rent

The Tennessean on Why Millennials Should Buy, Not Rent


More and more the Millennials are doing the math and realizing that it just makes more sense to buy instead of rent. Instead of throwing your money away, make the best investment you can buy: a house.

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Housing industry, brace yourself: The Millennials are moving in.

A generation that’s about 90 million strong, Millennials (or Generation Y) form the largest demographic wave in the nation’s history — even larger than the Baby Boomers. And now that the oldest are in their early 30s, they’re coming of age for home ownership.

It’s a momentous time for an industry still reeling from bad loans, foreclosures and price collapse. Now, builders, developers and agents are gearing up for the onslaught. Just this month, PulteGroup and Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate each released a survey of what Millennials want — evidence of their impending influence.


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