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Building Your Home for the Future

Futuristic homes are now far beyond what people used to imagine. Think of the House of Tomorrow in that old Disney cartoon. Intelligent robot servants may still be a thing of the future now, but these days we have materials straight out of science fiction to play with. Solar paneling, intelligent glass and sustainable materials are just the tip of the iceberg.

When it comes to building your home of the future, here are a few things to consider:

Get a Green Architect to Help You Out
You may be tempted to DIY, but this can result in costly mistakes. A good architect can help you create an affordable plan to build the home you want, the way you want it. This can help you avoid rookie mistakes with load-bearing walls or insulation errors that can cost you thousands of dollars later on.

Plan Your Energy Sources
As electricity bills climb and climate change gets more and more out of control, consider your energy sources. Wiring your home well can help you save cash. Will you install solar paneling? Collect rainwater? Articulating these plans can help you build a home that is not only beautiful, but sustainable.

Disaster Proofing
In many countries, disaster proofing homes against natural, unavoidable disasters is a primary concern. Climate change and its effects not only threaten the safety of your home, but also stand to make you homeless if you are struck by disaster in the future. For example, in Southeast Asia many homes use flood-proof material like concrete, fiberglass and concrete planking to prevent rot and mold from forming after a long rainy season. Otherwise they use sustainable, easily replaceable building materials like bamboo or cork.

Do you live in a disaster-prone area? Plan accordingly for when the worst happens. This can mean anything from a working, comfortable tornado shelter to fire-proof storage for your important items and materials.

Resilience and Sustainability
Building for the future means building well. Look for materials that stand the test of time and are safe to use. Current trends are going back to the use of natural materials, reclaimed wood and fast-growing fibers like bamboo. But it’s not just about materials.

When building from the ground up, consider an efficient HVAC system as a necessity; look for ways to use natural insulation and the best windows you can afford.

Many of the world’s top architects emphasize sustainability and self-sufficiency as top design considerations for new home builders. Besides using the wealth of new sustainable materials, think of building your home for self-sufficiency. This means the ability to survive off-the-grid. In America, there is a growing home garden and aquaponic movement that tells people to add to their bounty by growing their own food. Is this something you can consider for your garden or home? If so, what would you like to add and how would you like to accomplish it?

Like the future, building a home means building endless possibilities. Unleashing your creativity and knowing what you want can mean living comfortably in your dream home for years to come.

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