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Testimonial from a Morningside Homeowner 0 Post a comment

Whether you are a newcomer to Tennessee, a resident for many years, or a native Tennessean, you will find a welcoming community at the Villages of Morningside in Franklin, Tennessee.   As a newcomer to this area, but a resident … Continue reading

Customer Testimonial – Don & Marcia White 0 Post a comment

When we decided to build our home we obtained bids from four contractors. As we went through the interviewing process, we became very comfortable with the staff at Haury & Smith.  They asked a lot of questions and gave us … Continue reading

Bob’s Tip for August: Maintain and clean your HVAC condensate drain pipes 0 Post a comment

Many homeowners are not aware that their HVAC unit can become a source of water damage to their home, especially if their unit is inside the house or attic.  The HVAC condensate line can become blocked, causing water to back … Continue reading

Home Sales UP in Nashville 0 Post a comment

July was a great month for home sales in Nashville.  With the low interest rates and the housing market improving, there’s no better time to buy. See the article from the Tennessean. http://www.tennessean.com/article/20120809/BUSINESS/308090087/Middle-TN-home-sales-surge-27-July

Mortgage rates new low – check out these articles 0 Post a comment

Check out these articles about the low interest rates for mortgages. Now is the time to buy! http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/housing/story/2012-05-17/mortgage-rates-new-low/55035264/1 http://online.wsj.com/article/BT-CO-20120724-714517.html

Bob’s Tip for July: Clean refrigerator coils 0 Post a comment

Clean the refrigerator coils once or twice a year.  This can help with the efficiency of your refrigerator.  Check beneath the kick plate or behind the refrigerator for the coils.  They tend to attract scum buildup that can hinder performance.  … Continue reading

Bob’s Tip for June: Have you tested your GFI outlets? 0 Post a comment

Have you tested your GFI outlets?  The ground fault circuit interrupter (GFI) outlets should be tested once a month.  These are installed mostly around wet areas in the kitchen and bath.  Just push the test button and make sure the … Continue reading

A. Parks of Morningside talks about his experience with Haury & Smith 0 Post a comment

For several years when visiting our daughter who lives in Franklin, Tennessee, she would take us to areas that were considered “senior friendly.”  We wanted this move to be our decision and not one due to some medical emergency. Some … Continue reading

Bob’s Tip for May: Furniture Polish Your Windows 0 Post a comment

Here’s another building tip from Bob:  If you have a window that is hard to open, get some Behold furniture polish and spray it on your tracks or guides.  This will help your windows to have smooth action when opening … Continue reading

The third house from Haury & Smith… 0 Post a comment

We recently had a closing at The View with a customer who was purchasing his third house from Haury & Smith Contractors.  Al, we appreciate you!  Here are Al and Reese Smith at the closing.