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MHA Program Extension for Distressed Homeowners 0 Post a comment

The Making Homes Affordable Program has been extended up to December 31, 2016. This is good news for homeowners who may still be experiencing financial distress as a result of the housing bubble collapse or any homeowner struggling to meet … Continue reading

New Mortgage-Relief Scam. Beware! 0 Post a comment

Avoiding foreclosure can be a nightmare, especially in the wake of 2008′s market meltdown. People are struggling to keep their homes or prevent further debt. The situation can feel hopeless, and plenty of scammers are offering the easy way out. … Continue reading

Prices for Homes Increasing at a Slower Pace 0 Post a comment

If you’re surprised at the sudden increase in your home’s value, don’t be. The housing market seems to be recovering well, although not at the same pace as employment. Home prices are increasing at slower rates and this is actually … Continue reading

Latest Survey on Mortgage Rates 0 Post a comment

This August, average 30-year mortgage rates dropped to 4.10% in the US. This is the lowest mortgage rates have fallen in 52 weeks. By contrast, 15 year mortgage rates rose to from 3.23% to 3.25%, remaining well within average rates … Continue reading

Smart Things to Know About Real Estate Investment Trusts 0 Post a comment

They Operate as a Corporation Real estate investment trusts (REITs) are a form of mutual funds and were first created in the 1960s. REITS are often corporations complete with a board of directors, stockholders and shares. They earn income, pay … Continue reading

Merging Digital Technology and Digital Design 0 Post a comment

Imagine this. As you enter the door after a long, frustrating day at work, instantly you are soothed by sky blue walls. The lights dim and your favorite album plays, trickling from speakers ensconced in the walls. Imagine that your … Continue reading

Building Your Home for the Future 0 Post a comment

Futuristic homes are now far beyond what people used to imagine. Think of the House of Tomorrow in that old Disney cartoon. Intelligent robot servants may still be a thing of the future now, but these days we have materials … Continue reading

Inside New Construction 0 Post a comment

Brand-new homes may look new, smell new and feel new but hide rot and shoddy workmanship underneath. Buyers who purchase previously owned, or even foreclosed homes know what to look for: cracked foundations, leaking roofs, bad plumbing that magically bursts … Continue reading

Living in a Micro Apartment 0 Post a comment

Can you imagine in an apartment barely as big as a closet? Well, some people are. In cities like Seattle, people are opting to downsize when it comes to apartment spaces. These tiny pads are typically smaller than an average … Continue reading

Real Estate Apps: Do You Need One? 0 Post a comment

Apps have changed the world and how the world lives. For many smartphone users, apps have gone beyond fun little games like Angry Birds that you play while waiting at the doctor’s office. They have become fundamental aspects of daily … Continue reading