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Monthly Archives: July 2012

Consumers Beware: Home Remodelling Disasters 0 Post a comment

It’s no secret to the general home owner that there are both good and bad contractors working in the industry. This is an overly stated fact. Home remodelling clients find themselves in big trouble with their projects when they do … Continue reading

Things to Consider before Moving in to Condos in Nashville, TN and Other Cities 0 Post a comment

Thousands of families have lost their homes to foreclosure in the recent economic crisis. At that time, people sought alternatives to traditional housing models in and out of the city. Many people prefer the relatively relaxing suburbs while others see … Continue reading

Bob’s Tip for July: Clean refrigerator coils 0 Post a comment

Clean the refrigerator coils once or twice a year.  This can help with the efficiency of your refrigerator.  Check beneath the kick plate or behind the refrigerator for the coils.  They tend to attract scum buildup that can hinder performance.  … Continue reading